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Issue #3

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Hello everyone and welcome to November.

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I'm going to be honest with y'all; I am very upset that October is over. Aside from August, October is my favorite month with my favorite holiday. We are not hurdling toward the end of the year, and I feel as though I haven't gotten anything done in terms of personal goals. I know that it isn't true if I sit down and think about it, but I'm already thinking of personal and professional goals for next year, and well, those seem to be enough to ponder about for now.


  • I received my first proof for A Software Engineer's Guide to Seniority and also saw the cover that Apress has made for it. I cried. A lot. I sent it to my closest friends and allowed myself to feel joy that this feels so real now. It was real when I was selling it on my own, when I self-published through Amazon, but this? This is ... something new. I'm going to be in bookstores! Eee! I will let y'all know first as soon as the book is available to pre-order.

  • I told y'all last week that I am bringing back Git Cute Podcast episodes monthly through my Patreon. I have sent out schedule invites to everyone that has asked to be a part of it, and when the last few conferences of the season are out of the way, I expect to have them all scheduled and slated for recording. Git Cute Podcast was initially just me talking to the audience, so I am very excited to bring this next chapter with guests that can talk back.

  • The slated first module release of Conquer System Design is slated for Thanksgiving 2022. Is it much later than the initial date of August 2022? Absolutely, but I also needed to seriously readjust my goals, and that is of no one else's fault but my own. The goal within the next 30 days is to have the new website up and running to showcase the first module, but also to show different payment options for the course. I have been fully transparent in the process of interviewing and content creation while trying to come to a place with my mental health where I felt comfortable. Thank y'all for being patient with me during the preorder phase.


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The Twitter Lay Offs

We had long speculated that it was coming, but as of midnight EST, too many Twitter employees were let go from their long standing jobs while attempting to log in to their company Slack and email accounts only to see that their access had been revoked. It was surreal watching it happen to people I follow and others I just watched from a distance. The most amazing thing to witness was their solidtarity.

Then, today - Saturday, I write these early - Jack Dorsey decided to Tweet out his own words of solace to the employees that were laid off for a reason unbeknownst to most of us.

A more succinct explanation of his Tweet comes down to, "I'm sorry I hired so many of you." He is putting the onus of the layoffs on himself without acknowledging that he was the one that chose his replacement CEO, Parag Agrawal who appointed Elon Musk to Twitter's board in April 2022. While he hasn't publicly stated the reason as to why, we know now that it was money. Based on how the Twitter board forced Elon to follow through with his buy out of Twitter, it is safe to say that the integrity of Twitter was not on the forefront of the investors minds.

It's fitting that mere hours after taking Twitter private that Musk dissolved the board of directors, making him the sole director of the social media company.

What Jack's Tweets are is a sign-off and silent support of Elon Musk and the current gutting of Twitter's earliest employees and largest supporters. If a man can stay neutral and silent while his predecessor is dismantling the very company that he grew, what will it take?

At one point tech workers thought that we were imprevious to the mass layoffs that seemed to only plague game studios dev units. However, with the latest layoffs and hiring freezes at tech's largest companies, we were fools to think so. We were never in a place where we can be complacent. We were overpaid cogs in a algorithm generating machine, and some of us weere fooled that we were anything but that.

Edit: As of Sunday night while I went to schedule this newsletter (this is super annoying because it's , it seems as though Jack has started to push back against Elon's rapid Twitter changes.

There's actual discussion happening about this now. It seems that the only appropriate pushback would be from another billionaire.

Links That Made Me Happy This Week

Java Facts

Did you know that Java was originally named Oak? I'm kind of sad that they changed it because I could be making so many Professor Oak jokes right now.

A screenshot of the amazing Professor Oak from Pokemon

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Enjoy your week and remember to take care of yourselves!

xx Josie