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Issue #9

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How is it almost the end of January?! I guess it's really true that the older you get, the more time just seems to fly by because I swear I was just celebrating New Year's Eve. This month has been great in aspects


  • My goal as of right now is to start my new job as a Staff Software Engineer and to get myself up-to-speed. All things have been paused for right now. That includes podcast episode recordings, Conquer System Design, content creation, and just about anything that isn't pertaining to me getting back into the swing of things. At this time, it looks like two modules will be dropping for Conquer System Design by the 2nd week of February. It has taken a long time — believe me I know — but I feel like y'all will believe that it's worth it. I at least know that it's worth it to me, and that matters a bit.

  • With that being said, I am opening up my talking schedule for tech conferences in 2023. I already have a talk happening at Juneteenth Conf in, well.. June, and would love to add another 2-3 to the roster. If you have a conference with open CFPs, please direct me!


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How to Support Tech's Displaced Workforce

On January 20, 2023, Google decided to layoff 12,000 employees via email. This is coming on the tail end of Microsoft dismissing 10,000 employees on January 18, and Amazon eliminating 18,000 roles. The numbers are vast, and that means tha ta lot of our friends and colleagues have been impacted. While I understand that the nature of some of us is to immediately start offering solutions, let's recognize that these people have experienced something disappointing, sad, and angering.

There is no need to remind people of the reality of capitalism and how we as workers — yes, despite how much we are favored and paid, we are workers — are disposable. People that have been impacted by the mass layoffs know that. It is clear that the stream of consciousness is because of fear; the people that are not impacted are attempting to placate themselves because they are coming to terms that we are not as coveted as we thought we were.

The facts are there for us to come to terms with, but in the meantime, we need to be there for our friends that are now finding themselves without steady income and coming to terms with how they are going to move forward. We need to offer them our warmth, a place to vent and cry, or, if they ask for it, a place to brainstorm on what to do next.

Any loss will take you through the stages of grief. Some people go through it quicker than others, but it would behoove us as a tech community to put our feelings about the layoffs aside briefly to help them navigate what will be a difficult road ahead. Offer them sound advice when the time is right and avoid condescenation.

Links That Made Me Happy

Some of these link may be affiliate links for me, but no one mentioned has told or paid me to mention their products. If you do not wish to use them, you don't have to!

  • Loewe has done what I was hoping it would do since it started it's Studio Ghibli collaboration in 2020. They've given me a Howl's Moving Castle collaboration! I just know that these pieces are going to be stunning. I only managed to grab a t-shirt from the last Spirited Away collaboration, so I hope that I can grab a couple more on this one!

  • The Staff Engineer Path This book will be in my favorite links until I am finished reading it. I have already found so much practical advice in order to make sure that I am impactful in my new role for my organization and for my career. 1000% worth it.

  • I wouldn't say that I'm a sneakerhead; I just know what I like and what looks good and these Air Max 97s look good. Sneaker News says it's giving Barbie, and I have to agree. It is the perfect pink, and the denim detailing on them is just *chef's kiss* I will be adding these to my wishlist and looking out for a drop date.

  • My book A Software Engineer's Guide to Seniority is doing really well with Apress! I am so happy that so many people have bought it and are finding it useful. It's available on Amazon and also through Apress directly.

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Have an amazing week and please be kind to yourself.

xx Josie