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Git Cute Issue #11

(Have you been forwarded this email?)

Hi Everyone!

Spring is officially in full swing today, and so are my allergies. This weekend I got to enjoy the high 70s and full sunshine after a few weeks of good ole East Coast spring showers.

I am playing with the aesthetics and layout of the newsletter. Do I keep the header image? Do I keep it mostly text so it’s easier for y’all to read via mobile? I’m also rotating some things in and out, depending on my energy level for the week so I can stay consistent with issues. Reply and let me know what you think because I’d love the feedback!

Anyway, onward!


  • Conquer System Design is on pace for the mid-May release, and I am very excited. Who knew that it would take so long to create videos to audio? The preorder price is still available until launch day, and then it will increase!

  • This month marks the beginning of a very busy summer for me. I have a couple of talks, articles to write, a few conferences to attend, a move, BEYONCÉ, work in NYC, and even more to fly back and forth between until August. I’m not sure how this ended up this way, but something may have to give so I have enough time to enjoy the summer vs. letting it slip by.

  • I can officially say that I am giving a Lightning Talk at DevOpsDays NYC! If you are in the city, I would love for you to come and talk about actionable alerts and monitoring for complex systems with me. Guaranteed a fun time until I hop on that train back home.


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What is the concept in software development that describes breaking a complex problem into smaller, more manageable pieces?

Links That Made Me Happy

Some of these links may be affiliate links for me, but no one mentioned has told or paid me to mention their products. You don't have to use them if you do not wish to use them!

  • I am extremely active, but my activity dropped significantly like many people during the pandemic. I finally decided to pull the trigger on a walking pad to use while working from home or watching t.v. I am surprised that this is so good for the price of $220 with a coupon. If you were looking for a cheaper alternative to the $500+ treadmills, check this one out and get those steps in!

  • I will take a pink wireless macro pad any day; this one was no exception. It’s so damn functional and cute!

  • Is anyone else excited about AfroTech because I am BEYOND excited. I won’t even tell you how long I’ve had my ticket, but you should go grab yours for one of the best tech conferences stateside.

Have an amazing week, and please be kind to yourself. And don’t forget to respond to the trivia if you know!

xx Josie