First Thing's First - I'm the Greatest... Newsletter Writer!

Issue #1


Sitting in bed writing my first newsletter feels odd yet natural. It's mirroring when I first started Git Cute Pocast and would write my scripts out in bed and record it on my iPhone before uploading it to WordPress (I know, just... I know.) It's giving me serious wants to go back to recording, but alas, maybe next year! For now, we will move forward with some personal updates!


A lot of exciting things have been happening on the content creator front while renew my efforts to take interviewing seriously again!

  • The modules of Conquer System Design are coming along! Despite some technical hiccups, I think that my problems with Cloudflare and Teachable are over. It is still in preorder, so head on over and sign up before launch!

  • Apress's re-publishing of Git Cute: The Software Engineer's Guide to Seniority is in the publishing stages now! They are aiming for a release date of November 2022, and I am beyond excited to have something on a shelf. IN BOOK STORES.

  • Last and certainly not least, I have a Patreon now! You can support me monthly and get access to technical articles, videos, first looks at any random bits of content, etc. On the week that you subscribe, you and your social media (if you want) will be featured in the newsletter! How fun!

  • I am already confirming conferences for next year! So far I will be celebrating Juneteenth in Houstin, Texas at Juneteenth Conf, and I am beyond excited! More information will be released soon. And if you want me to do a tech talk for you please reach out!


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Links That Brought Me Joy

Java Fact

Y'all should've known that this was going to make an appearance.

Did you know that Java did not add lambdas until Java 8 in 2014?! For reference, C# had lambdas since their 3.0 release in 2007.

I don't know what took them so long, but that's my baby, and Imma stick beside 'em.

A clip from the Steve Wilkos Show (the bodyguard from The Jerry Spring Show... stay with me) looking concerned as the scene cuts to a Black man, slumped down in his chair, looking completely zooted, and in the next frame, a Black woman who is presumed to be his girlfriend says, "I'mma stick beside him". This is a meme.

Technical Wins

I plan on y'all sending me your technical wins weekly so I can post them here and provide some joy into what can be a mess of a work week! But since this is the first newsletter allow me to go first.

I completely 5 whole LeetCodes this week! This wasn't without frustration and leaving and coming back, but hey, progress is progress!

Make sure that you send me in some of your technical wins - however big or small - for the next issue!

With warmth,

xx Josie